157: My Own Personal Weight Loss Success Strategies

Mar 26, 2016

Today I am going to share with you some of my own personal weight loss success strategies.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of comments and getting emails about how people wish they were as motivated as I am or had as much willpower as I do. It is not about motivation or willpower. 

There is nothing I have that you don’t have, except practice. I have practiced more and I have simplified more.

I’m going to take you inside my personal thought processes and into my daily life to show you these simple things I practice in order to create my own weight loss success strategies (without super human anything).

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My Personal Weight Loss Success Strategies

Let me first share a few high level personal philosophies that set me up for success and then I’ll get tactical. Here are my non-negotiable philosophies:

  • I refuse to lie to myself
  • I ask myself a lot of questions
  • I won’t make things more complicated than they need to be – I eat whole foods that I enjoy eating & I pay close attention to my body & the signals it sends me
  • I spend more time DOING than PLANNING

So what does that look like on a day-to-day basis? How to I keep myself on track during the day through the normal ups and downs of life?

  • I don’t keep convenience foods around. If I want to eat, I have to prepare something. This forces “the pause” and eliminates mindless eating. Nothing is mindless when you have to stop what you’re doing & cook instead of grabbing an easy handful.
  • I create energy through movement (instead of always eating in response to low energy)
  • I do one good thing first. I make sure I approach decisions from a positive, not negative, frame of mind
  • I wear tight things. Around the house. All the time. This helps me keep a close eye on what is happening with my body.


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