161: Fat to Fit Part 4 – Listener Q&A

Apr 5, 2016

I hope you enjoyed this Fat to Fit miniseries as much as I did! Today I’ll be tackling a few of the most common questions I’ve received about these nutrition, mindset and fitness episodes.

Before you dive into today’s episode, please check out parts 1, 2 and 3. The listener Q&A won’t make too much sense if you haven’t heard these episodes.

Fat to Fit Part 1 – Nutrition

Fat to Fit Part 2 – Mindset

Fat to Fit Part 3 – Fitness

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Fat to Fit Part 4: Listener Q&A

In today’s episode I’m tacking some hugely important questions. Listen to the entire episode to hear me answer:

  1. If eating puts me in storage mode, does that mean that I’m automatically in fat storage mode after eating?
  2. What about the opposite? If I’m in a fasted state, does that mean I’m in fat burning mode?
  3. What is your take on fat loss nutrition strategies like ketosis, intermittent fasting or carb cycling? How do I know if these are effective strategies for me?
  4. I understand that fat loss is a mindset thing, but I keep stopping and starting. Can you help me stop stopping?
  5. Are spin classes or other group exercise classes good ways to burn fat?


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