165: How To Immediately Improve Your Choices

Apr 14, 2016

You might not believe me, but I’m telling the truth when I say that there is an undeniable (and very powerful) link between your body language and weight loss. There is. I hope you’ll be open minded enough to listen to today’s episode in its entirety to see what I mean, why & how you can capitalize on this.

Not only does our body language influence how we feel, but it influences our hormones. For real. In this episode I will share the link between body language, weight loss and our hormone production. Specific power poses can actually reduce stress hormones in as little as two minutes!

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Body Language and Weight Loss

Our body language impacts our outlook, our attitude, our self-perception and our choices. Simple changes to the way you sit, stand and to your facial impressions can have a dramatic impact on your mood, confidence and consistency.

Do not miss this full episode to hear specific changes you can make, how & why to make fat loss & healthy choices exponentially easier!

The Wonder Woman Pose

body language and weight loss


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