193: Primal Potential Success Stories – Part 2

Jun 18, 2016

Ready to hear more Primal Potential success stories?  What started for most as a goal to lose fat turned into much more: transforming their entire lives.

As you may be experiencing, they had fears, doubts, perceived limitations, years of weight loss struggles, hormonal issues and many of them doubted their ability to lose weight and reach their goals.

But, as you will hear from them, they are making amazing transformations in all areas of their lives as they move towards their goals within the Fat Loss Fast Track.

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Primal Potential Success Stories

Meet Sarah

Sarah is 54 years old and has struggled with weight issues her entire life.  In addition, she has hormonal issues, an underactive thyroid, “fat genes”, PCOS, and is pre-diabetic.

At first she was skeptical of some of the challenges within the Fat Loss Fast Track but quickly realized that it was about more than diet & exercise. She had to change her mind.

Here are some of her takeaways:

  • Own your choices
  • Don’t make excuses
  • Practice affirmations and gratitude
  • Focus on what you can do
  • Live in the present
  • Be open to change

Meet Annette

In the past, Annette lost 100lbs but had regained some of the weight.   This time around, she was having a hard time finding the motivation to lose the weight again.

Here is what’s helping Annette get back in the game:

  • Finding the confidence and belief in herself
  • Mental toughness – deciding that she can do hard things

Meet Client “Anonymous 1”

She is 42 years old and a mom of 3 young children.  She has faced a life long struggle of yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage. Her change in perspective has included the following:

  • Power:  practicing ownership in all situations
  • Pace:  making only one change at a time
  • Practice:  seeing challenges as opportunities
  • Progress:  being open to a journey without perfection. 

Meet Client ‘Anonymous 2″

For this client, the most helpful changes have not been what she eats or how she exercises but a shift in mindset.

Here are some of her game-changers:

  • Changing the stories she’s told herself for years
  • Focusing on how great it feels to make great choices instead of seeing them as sacrifices
  • Support from being in a group and tough-love from Elizabeth

Listen to the full episode to hear more from these women and their progress!

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Episode 192, Primal Potential Success Stories, Part 1

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