197: Overeating and Your Metabolism

Jun 28, 2016

Cheat day.  Overeating.  Binge eating.  Call it what you want.

The bottom line is – overeating has an immediate, negative effect on your metabolism!

In today’s episode, we are talking about the physical, hormonal, and metabolic impact of overeating or binge eating.

I want you to know and understand that your body does not “reset” the following day simply because it’s a new day and your fat burning potential doesn’t go unaffected.

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Overeating and Your Metabolism

In today’s episode we’re going to dive into the relationship between overeating and your metabolism. We’ll get into specific impairments to your hormone balance, metabolism and fat burning potential that happen almost immediately.

We’ll answer the following questions:

What are the consequences of overeating on your metabolism?

  • Your body goes into storage mode
  • Your fat burning potential is suppressed for days
  • You trigger hormonal imbalances
  • You experience an increase in hunger and cravings
  • Your body burns sugar instead of fat while at rest and during workouts

How long do the negative effects last?

Practically speaking, how can you change your habit of overeating?

What can you do before the binge?

What can you do after the binge?

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