211: Thin People & Food Issues (My Sister Is On The Show)

Jul 30, 2016

Food issues, guilt, emotional eating and food obsession are not exclusive to overweight and obese individuals. Not even a little bit. Today, we’re talking about thin people & food issues.

Except, it’s more than that. We’re talking to my sister.

A couple weeks ago, I had my mom on the show. It was a tough episode but we talked about how, as a thin mother, she really struggled with having an overweight child (me). I was the token fat kid. It was a rough road.

That episode triggered a lot of comments and questions, many of which were related to that sister I talked about. What was it like for her, as a thin child, to grow up with so much emphasis on food and shame related to obesity?

Well, “that sister” is Debi. My oldest friend, my closest friend and the yin to my yang. Don’t miss this candid conversation about food issues then & now in the absence of a weight struggle.

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