214: Top 7 Anti-Diet Strategies For Fat Loss

Aug 6, 2016

Dieting didn’t work for me. Sure, I lost weight sometimes, but it was a  yo-yo cycle of deprivation followed by over-indulgence – of weight loss followed by weight gain (misery and obsession accompanying every step).

I got to the point where I realized that I was working hard, obsessing over food but not getting where I wanted to go and not achieving the goals that mattered most. In today’s episode I’m sharing my top 7 anti-diet strategies that allowed me to stop obsessing over food, stop dieting, get consistent, lose weight and keep it off.

If you feel like your approach isn’t working or isn’t giving you the results (or peace of mind) you want, don’t miss this episode!

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Top 7 Anti-Diet Strategies for Fat Loss

  1. No short term strategies – short term strategies deliver short term results!
  2. No bashing (myself) – my behavior & choices will reflect the way I define myself with my thoughts & words
  3. Eat foods I love that love me back – loving food is not the problem, it’s part of the solution!
  4. Pay attention – pay more attention to my body than to all the information out there
  5. Keep my eyes on my own work – comparison is a terrible use of time, energy & emotion
  6. Stop listening to myself & start talking to myself – I am not my thoughts, I am the thinker
  7. High on veggies, moderate on protein/fat, watch the starch/sugar


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