259: Do You Know What To Eat For Your Goals?

Nov 19, 2016

Today’s episode is an activity I want you to go through with me. I’m going to ask you a series of questions and I want you to write your answers down on paper.

Sometimes, we aren’t doing what it takes to make progress because we haven’t defined the work we need to do. If that’s your problem, I’m going to help you define it today.

Other times, we aren’t doing what it takes because of mental or emotional barriers. As I’ll share in today’s episode, many people’s issues aren’t food or fitness but rather self-talk, self-discipline or self-doubt.

We’ll start with a basic question “Do you know what to eat for your goals?” and take it from there.

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Do You Know What To Eat To Reach Your Goals?

In today’s episode, I talk you through a workflow of the following problems so you can determine your next steps toward your goals.

  1. Do you know what to eat for fat loss or to move towards your goals?
  2. Can you identify improvements in what you’re currently eating or doing that would generate more progress or consistency?
  3. Are you doing those things?
  4. What would need to change for you to implement those improvements?

Don’t miss the full episode where I’ll help you determine if your “big rock” is nutrition or if it’s mindset.


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