294: How To Bounce Back

Feb 9, 2017

The other day I was in the middle of a hard workout and I thought of a lesson I learned from one of my past trainers (and great friend), Nathan Keil.

See, I used to use the transition from one exercise to another as a build in pause or rest. Whether it was 5 seconds or a minute, it was a built-in rest.

One day, during a particularly intense workout, Nathan said, “go immediately to the first rep of the next movement. No rest. No pause. Get to the next rep as fast as possible”.

Even if I just did one rep of the next thing, the point was to break the habit of that pause.

After my workout, I realized just how applicable this is to life.

Let’s say you eat something you wish you hadn’t or don’t feel too proud of. Isn’t it so common to hem and haw about how to get back on track? How to bounce back? We use the transition as pause.

We overthink and overcomplicate.

What if we just got to the next great choice as fast as possible? No thinking, no planning, no strategizing. Just get to the next great choice as fast as possible.

Don’t miss today’s short episode to figure out how you can bounce back faster and take your performance to the next level.

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