608: 3 Tools for Any Change

May 30, 2019

Here’s the great news about change: while there are thousands of tools, tactics and approaches, you don’t need to collect all of them to win. You don’t need 75,000 strategies. You don’t need to know more. You certainly don’t need to know anything. Creating change requires just a small handful of tools that you actually use.

That right there is one of the keys – don’t delude yourself into thinking that utility requires novelty – that something new is more valuable than something familiar that you just haven’t implemented consistently.

In today’s episode I’m sharing with you the 3 most common tools I’ve been using with my 12 WT clients to help them create change in their lives. I think you’re going to love them! You don’t want to miss today’s episode!

3 Tools for Any Change:

  1. Move from a problem focus to a solution focus
  2. Leave the past out of the present
  3. Less drama means more success

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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