5 Mindset Shifts That Transformed My Life (1 of 5)

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Blog

Today I am kicking off a 5 part blog series on mindset shifts that have completely transformed my life. This is part 1 of 5.

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I’ve been reflecting on what is different in my life and, more importantly, how I created those changes.

There’s the obvious stuff:  I believe in myself and my ability to make things different. For most of my life, I doubted that I’d ever change.  I trust myself around food – that certainly was not the case for about 3 decades. Food doesn’t consume my thoughts. I’m not obsessed with everything I do, everything I eat, and every pound on the scale. I am not swinging wildly from one extreme to the other. Most obviously, I used to wear a size 24. The jeans I wore this weekend are a size 10. That’s pretty damn different.

But, I really believe that the way we think is what drives our choices. Given that, what’s most different about the way I think?

The first thing is my approach to those moments, days or weeks of struggle, lack of motivation, frustration & inconsistency. I still have those moments, on the regular, but a huge shift is how I respond to them.

The Old Way:

In the past, when I wasn’t getting results, felt like I was stuck or was in a period of no motivation, my perspective was that I needed to find something new.

I needed a new approach. Sometimes that was a new diet. Sometimes a new book on mindset. A new trainer or workout plan. A new journal. A new strategy. New. More. Different.

I was always looking for the next thing.

I needed to know more. I needed a bigger arsenal of tips and tricks and habits.

My struggle was only because I hadn’t found that thing.

More more more.

All it got me was more of the same. More inconsistency. More hopping from one thing to another and never choosing to create consistency.

The New Way:

I still struggle. I get down on myself. I get frustrated. I have periods where my body seems unresponsive to what I’m doing.

But I’m DONE looking for “more”.

The answers are not outside me. They are inside me.

I don’t need to know more. I don’t need a new idea or approach. I don’t need a new strategy or tatic. I don’t need a book or a podcast or a pep talk.

I already have what I need.

I’m just not doing what I know.

The constant seeking is a distraction from action.

It’s not about looking outside me for answers in the world.

It’s about looking inside me for answers in my heart and in my head.

Ultimately, it’s about answers in my practice. My answers are always in what I do, how I act & the choices I make.

That’s the shift.

If I feel unmotivated, I don’t need a song, book, or podcast. I need to create motivation.

I need to be the change.

I don’t need a new tool or tactic. I need to get serious about being consistent with what I already know.

Too many people are telling themselves they are stuck and they need more ideas.

Honestly, if anything, you need less. Far less.

Are there things you don’t know? Sure. Of course.

Are those things required for you to make progress? Not likely.

And: you will learn infinitely more from your own action & practice than from any book, podcast or strategy in the world.


Do something.

Stop thinking about it. Stop searching for it.

There isn’t one of us who can’t say where we could be more consistent. There isn’t one of us who can’t say where we could be more disciplined. There isn’t one of us who can’t say where we could make an improvement.

Put your focus there.

That’s the shift.

To put it simply: I used to be a searching. I used to look to everyone except myself. I wanted their ideas. Their strategies.

If I was failing, I assumed it was because there was some missing piece of the puzzle that I had to go find.

That was a distraction from what mattered most: MY WORK.

The missing piece was my commitment to consistent action.

That’s where people are missing out.

We are in the information age, which is awesome, but it can be deceiving & distracting, especially if all the complexity blinds you to the transformative power of SIMPLICITY.

Don’t let learning take your eyes off doing.

What you need to do is act.

And when you aren’t sure and you’re struggling:  don’t learn more.

Do better.

What is one thing you could do today that is an improvement for you?

What is one thing that you know you need to be more consistent with?

Earn easy in your practice today.

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