5 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotage & Create A Success Blueprint

by | Nov 22, 2015 | Blog

I used to be INCREDIBLY frustrated and exhausted. I wanted to lose weight so bad but I kept sabotaging myself. I wanted to lose weight & feel great about my body but I’d repeatedly “find myself” overindulging in ice cream and tortilla chips. I would ask, “what is wrong with me???”.

I was in a very real cycle of self-sabotage. My actions & intentions were totally misaligned. There was a massive gap between what I said & what I did. That gap led to almost constant frustration, disappointment and remorse. All those negative emotions were exhausting.

Maybe that’s not something you can relate to but, from the emails I get, I think you might be a bit familiar with it. I’m hearing things like:

  • I don’t know how to stop!
  • Why am I doing this to myself?
  • What is wrong with me?

I know how badly that sucks & I want to help. I am hosting a totally free webinar on Tuesday December 1st at 8pm about 5 ways to stop self-sabotage and create success. Plus, I’ll be opening up enrollment into the Winter Fat Loss Coaching.

I am beyond excited about both the webinar & the winter coaching because I have created dozens of tools to help you stop self-sabotage and fast track your fat loss. It’s not about giving you a plan and telling you to follow it, this is about walking along side you and helping you create your own fat loss plan based on the most effective strategies.

There IS a catch though. I am only accepting 80 people into the Winter Fat Loss Coaching so I can make sure to give them the personal attention they need to get sustainable results. So, you absolutely MUST reserve your spot for the webinar and then: SHOW UP. The people who get results are the people who show up. Registration opens up immediately after the free webinar and will close as soon as the first 80 people enroll.

After you register for the webinar, I’ll be getting you a workbook for the webinar. Please keep an eye on your email! It’ll be headed your way a couple days after you register.  

I cannot wait to see you!

Grab your spot now!!! https://primalpotential.com/winterwaitlist

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