446: A Closer Look At Bulletproof Coffee

Jan 27, 2018

Does bulletproof coffee help you burn fat? Should you be drinking it? Does it matter how you make it?

Should you use coconut oil or MCT oil? Does it matter?

What if your butter isn’t grassfed?

What kind of coffee should you use? Does it matter?

Is it breakfast? Can you have food with it?

These are the questions we’re tackling in today’s episode! Don’t miss it!


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Below are the products I use to make my bulletproof coffee. I purchase them from Thrive Market because that’s where I get the best prices.

Use that link to create your account and then you can check out some of these items:

Grass Fed Ghee from Organic Valley

Spectrum Essentials Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil


Kicking Horse Coffee

Devocion Coffee

In October 2019, our relationship with Thrive Market changed. They decided to put their marketing dollars in avenues outside of podcasting but we still think they’re a good choice if you’re looking to save money on health & personal care products.

Dos and Don’ts of Bulletproof Coffee

Aquasana Water Filter

Episode 046 on Water Filtration

The Primal Potential Podcast

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