Episode 086: Eat Foods You Love & Have A Bangin’ Body with Allison Hagendorf

Sep 22, 2015

This girl. Guys. Seriously. Allison Hagendorf is an absolutely incredible example of loving food, enjoying food and having a great body at the same time. In today’s episode we get super practical (and pretty funny) about HOW to move away from the all-or-nothing approach and how to learn to enjoy your favorite things while losing fat and getting a body you absolutely love. We talk about food obsession, navigating social situations, how and when to indulge, nutrition & fitness myths and we laugh a lot along the way!

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“The key is to not deprive yourself. Treat a treat like a treat. And make it count.”

Elizabeth & Allison dish on:

  • Food freedom – What does it mean and HOW do you get there?
  • Healthful & mindful indulging – What’s reasonable?
  • Carbs in the morning & why this will not help you reach your fat loss goals
  • Efficient exercise and the cardio myth


CrossFit and Weight Loss

Emotional Eating Course


Fit to Feast

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