Are You An “Empty Sack”?

by | May 27, 2018 | Blog

“It’s difficult for an empty sack to stand upright”

I return to this Ben Franklin quote when I’m feeling weak, unmotivated or frustrated.

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Think about “standing upright” as those choices you feel you “should” make. Eating well. Minimizing indulgences. Working out. Getting up early. Reducing TV time. Spending less money.

When those choices feel hard or you just not feeling motivated to eat well, move more or be disciplined in your choices, focus on filling yourself up….mentally.

For me, when self-care and self-discipline feels hard, I’m generally not pouring into myself with my thoughts. In Franklin’s words, I’m an “empty sack”.

It’s difficult for an empty sack to stand upright.

We all find ourselves in these moments and when we’re there, the most critical thing is how we respond. You don’t have to fight against yourself and you certainly don’t have to give up or give in.

Fill yourself up. Read. Listen to a motivating podcast. Meditate. Clean your house. Dance to your favorite song. Pray. Journal.

Just realize that you might be running on empty and it’s time to fill yourself up.

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