Episode 063: Beat Stubborn Belly Fat

Jul 2, 2015

Today we’re going to be tackling a super common question and that is about how to beat stubborn belly fat. Most people find that the midsection fat is the hardest to lose. We’re much more quick to lose weight in our face, chest, arms and legs but that belly fat is pretty dang stubborn. And it is. But there are strategies to burn that belly fat and we’re going to dive into them today. Oh, and if you find this episode helpful or if you have topic suggestions or personal question, take a quick sec to get on the VIP e-newsletter list!

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What doesn’t work:

  • Moderate-high intensity, long duration exercise
  • Dieting and slashing calories

Discussed in detail in this episode:

  • Two types of belly fat
  • What makes stubborn fat stubborn
  • The hormonal influence on stubborn fat
  • What makes stubborn fat more stubborn
  • Diet & lifestyle strategies for burning stubborn fat
  • Why women have a harder time than men with lower body fat

Metabolic Effect’s Insulin Sensitivity/Resistance Overview

  • Insulin in brain= shuts off hunger= insulin resistance in brain= increased hunger
  • Insulin in liver= decrease glucose production (inhibits gluconeogenesis) and decrease glycogen breakdown (inhibits glycogenolysis)= insulin resistance in liver= increased glucose production and increased glycogen breakdown= high fasting blood sugar
  • Insulin in muscle tissue= increase glucose & fat uptake= insulin resistance in muscle= inability to burn fat and sugar
  • Insulin in fat cell= increased fat storage and decreased fat release= insulin resistance in fat cell= decreased fat storage and increased fat release

So, the ideal situation may be to remain insulin sensitive in muscle, brain, liver, BUT insulin resistant at the fat cell

Practical Implementation

  1. Follow the golden rules of carbs & fat loss
    1. Eat your carbs at the right time
    2. The right type of carb
    3. In the right amount
    4. In the right company
  2. Minimize the processed foods. Period. If you are struggling with belly fat the #1 weapon is going to be what you let pass your lips.
  3. Emphasize non starchy veggies and protein (but do not overdo the protein as it will stimulate insulin)
  4. Get plenty of healthy fats, especially essential fatty acids – these get incorporated into your cell membrane and make your cellular receptors more responsive to insulin. This is a good thing.
  5. Avoid elevating cortisol and insulin at the same time via:
    1. Skip carbs in the am (from all sources except non-starchy veggies)
    2. Skip the high sugar pre-workout drinks
  6. Monitor stress and practice stress reduction
    1. Meditation
    2. Leisure walking
    3. Yoga
    4. Mindfulness
    5. Sleep
    6. Perspective
  7. Prioritize sleep. Check out this episode on how to improve sleep quality when you can’t increase quantity
  8. Exercise intelligently
    1. If you’re worried about burning belly fat, please stop with the chronic cardio.
    2. A few times each week do HIIT to create that hormonal response you want from your catecholamines without the exaggerated insulin response

The Science of Fat Loss – episode 039

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