Can You Handle It?

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Blog

My former mentor inspired me again. I was fortunate to work with Mary Shenouda, The Paleo Chef, back in 2014 and even though it’s been a while since we last talked, she continues to inspire me.

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She recently posted on Instagram, “Can you handle the solitude during the transition from meh to hell yeah?

It’s such a great question and I think it can be boiled down to:

Can you handle the transition?

Can you handle the hard part of your journey?

Can you hang long enough to do the work required to earn the reward?

For most of my life, I didn’t. I’m sure I could have, but I didn’t.

When I faced temptation, I gave in.

When the work got hard, I gave in.

When I was tired or emotional, I gave up.

The only thing worse than my attitude was my work ethic. My consistency. My commitment to myself & my goals. It just wasn’t there.

Success isn’t easy.

But the thing that we forget is even more important: failure isn’t easy, either.

The difference is, there’s no payoff in quitting.

Yes, creating success is hard. Sometimes it’s lonely. But it’s a road to somewhere worth being.

The same can’t be said for quitting.

Stop taking easy street. Stop giving up and giving in.

If it matters to you, put in the work and stop complaining about it.

I had to take my own medicine today.

I’m over 38 hours into my fast (I wrote about that yesterday) and I did not want to workout. I didn’t want to work, either. But I need to and it makes me feel better.

I’m not always going to go but I can’t let what I want now (to be lazy) get in the way of what I want most (to be fit, healthy, capable & energetic).

So, off to the gym I went for what was a very challenging workout. It didn’t look too bad on paper but after that 2nd round of deadlifts…ouch.

“Dead Ahead” 
4 Rounds:
21 Deadlifts
15 Box Jump Overs
9 Push Jerks

My legs were already a bit sore today & they will ABSOLUTELY be sore tomorrow!

Nothing to share about food today since I’m fasting!

Make it a great weekend!

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