Change Makers: Success Stories from Clients Who Are Changing Their Lives

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Blog

Calling all change makers! I’m sure we can all agree that the days fly by and life would be so much better if we could just end the struggle, reach our goals and maintain them with ease and joy.

Whether you want to lose weight, have an improved relationship with food, pay down your debt, start a business or anything in between, you can’t continue to go about it the way you always have before.

To speak plainly: I help people become joyful, relentless change makers in their own lives.

We aren’t focused on behavior change, we’re focused on mindset change, because for you and for everyone else, it’s your thoughts that drive your choices.

One of the primary reasons people continue to struggle and change continues to feel elusive or, at best, inconsistent, is because they are focused on changing their behaviors while failing to change the way they think.

I’m ready to help you take an easier, more effective path to creating the change you crave.

Join me for YOUR 12 Weeks to Transformation!

Today, I thought I’d let you hear from a few of my 12 Weeks to Transformation clients because they are really the best people to talk about the process and what it helped them do in their lives.

Let’s start here. This client came to me because she wanted to lose weight. Her marriage was falling apart and no matter how badly she wanted to lose weight, she wasn’t keeping the promises she made to herself.

Each day, she’d say, “I won’t drink wine tonight!”. Then, she’d drink wine, get frustrated with herself and pledge to do better tomorrow. Not only did she completely take control of her wine habit, she became a change maker in every aspect of her life.

Listen to her describe the changes she made in this short clip.

Become a Change Maker

After you listened to her story, I want to share this next experience. It pretty much speaks for itself!

I know I posted this in the 12WT FB group, but I just have to reiterate, the only reason I joined the group was to lose weight but what I’ve gained is so much more. Your coaching is helping me change my life. I didn’t know I had it in me. I was so close (SO CLOSE) to throwing in the towel and just accepting that I am the depressed fat woman who prefers staying home – it’s just who I am. I am so grateful my doctor recommended your podcast.

And this one, too!

Hi EB,

I hope your week has started out well. I wanted to do a little check in, and reach out regarding my progress and how the 12WT is going.
The last 3 weeks have been weeks of incredible growth and momentum building for me. There are some amazing things that have happened recently, some of which have brought different levels of stress, activity, emotions. I’ve gotten engaged, celebrated a birthday, and got promoted at work. Overall it’s been just incredible and leaving me feeling really blessed and all around so fortunate.
From the time that you sent me the voice note a few weeks ago regarding switching my mindset about stress, it’s been an incredible uphill trajectory as I made the shift in mindset. I continually ask “how can I invest in myself with the next choice that I make?” “what will future me thank current me for?“.
Not only are my clothes fitting better, but there is so much less mental energy going towards food and food decisions. I’m learning how to indulge and still feel really great the choice, and indulge in a way that keeps me working on my goals. With all of the wonderful things happening that’s been a lot of celebrating, and I thoroughly believe in celebrating. But one of the biggest things for me was that I practiced making choices that made me proud. I had a glass of red wine (but not 2 because then I don’t feel good the next day), I drank some champagne, but only had 1/2 a slice of cake. I focused on being with family and soaking up the moments of feeling loved, supported, and celebrated. Focusing on the feeling meant that I didn’t feel like I needed the second helping of food to make it more “special”. The love and support from those close to me is what mattered. I didn’t fret and worry and go over and over the decisions, I just made the decision that I knew would make me feel great (because not indulging a little for these things isn’t fun, but finding that sweet spot of indulging is so great).
It doesn’t mean every decision is perfect, there are definitely some where I didn’t feel quite right about the decision, but I learned and then moved on. I’ve started “practicing” in my mind what I want to feel like and what I desire. I’m going on vacation Saturday – Wednesday, and instead of worrying or fretting or going through every single possibility for what could happen with food choices, I’m rehearsing the best version of me for that story in my head. While writing through my story this week, I also took some time to write out what my best self looks like on vacation. I’m relistening to the Rookies challenge about weekends and how I need to practice my best story while on vacation. I’m rehearsing it on occasion in my mind.
Overall, I know that motivation and momentum is something that I can create every day. One of the big things that keeps me moving is writing down my wins and reaching out to you to let you know that your program is amazing and it’s really helping me to continue to reach towards my highest potential. So thank you for not only reading this email, but for the continuous encouragement and all that you do for your clients.
Where are my change makers at?! Are you ready to step beyond your comfort zone and create change in your life?
I can’t wait to get to know you better and help you crush your goals while learning to deeply enjoy the journey!

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