564: Chronic Stress Risks and Solutions with Dr. Beth Westie

Feb 21, 2019

If you have accepted chronic stress as a way of life, this episode is for you. Chronic stress isn’t just a quality of life issue, it’s a health issue. Remaining under chronic stress decreases your ability to burn fat while increasing your likelihood of storing it. Chronic stress impairs your metabolism and your immune system. It creates systemic hormonal chaos.

Stress is not meant to be chronic. If you are experiencing ongoing stress, day in and day out, it’s time to create a change – for the sake of your health.

Just as important to note: stress isn’t just mental or emotional. In today’s episode, we talk about toxins, thoughts and trauma – the three types of stress that contribute to living in a state of chronic stress.

In today’s episode we’ll talk with Dr. Beth Westie about types of stress, the dangers of chronic stress and what you can do to reduce your exposure to stressors while improving your response to others you might not be able to easily avoid.

We’ll also talk about the strategies we each use in our own lives to respond more intelligently to periods of stress and individual stressors.

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Chronic Stress – Types of Stress

  1. Toxins – this can include environmental toxins, toxins in products you use, toxins in food or water, etc
  2. Thoughts – worry, stress, negativity, complaining, gossip, etc
  3. Trauma – illness, injury, infection, recovery, over-exercising, emotional trauma


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