767: Coaching with EB

May 30, 2020

Inside the 12 WT

On today’s episode we’re going inside the 12 Weeks to Transformation! You’re going to hear part of one of our weekly coaching calls. Don’t miss it!

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Here are the questions we tackled during the coaching call:

  • One aspect of my job that I don’t love is having to reprimand or correct employees. I have a situation that’s particularly hard because my right hand gal is the one that I am having an issue with, she has been with me for 12 years. She’s an amazing person, I love her both inside and outside of work but lately her attitude has been really negative at work, towards work. As the boss, I feel like I am going to have to directly address the issue because it’s starting to affect other employees and now they’re starting to use the same language. I was hoping for your advice on how you might handle the situation, what would you do?
  • In a recent podcast you talked about not only having to reprogram yourself to do more of what you want, more positive things but also having to reprogram the negative thoughts. Can you expand on the negative aspect a little more? I’m having trouble wanting to initiate sex after watching my husband leave his dishes on the table, and then sit on the couch all night passing gas while I do dishes, make lunches, etc. I also get frustrated with him zoning out when I talk to him in the evenings because he’s had a busy day and just doesn’t have the energy to listen to me.
  • I would like some coaching about that little moment at night when I’m choosing to have an extra handful of nuts before bed or waking up to eat them after an hour of sleep because of horrible leg cramps. Somehow I have this thought that the nuts help and I won’t sleep well without them! Please help me tell myself a new story!
  • How do we carry these new ways of thinking with us and keep these practices even after the 12 weeks are over?
  • I have been getting hung up on the weekly guy check question, “what is possible that I haven’t considered or dismissed?” What is your advice for thinking about this?
  • Can you talk about the balance between holding yourself accountable for accomplishing your goals and at the same time not holding onto what happened yesterday or last week or last month, the successes and the failures? This is something that I’ve been struggling to grasp. Maybe it’s just a dialectic (where two opposing things are true at the same time) and I can stop trying to figure it out and just accept it?

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