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by | Mar 19, 2018 | Blog

I’ve been talking on the podcast about how I’m in the exciting, scary process of writing my first book.

To the surprise of many, it’s actually not a book about fat loss strategy, nutrition or hormones. I know, right?! I was surprised at first, too!

It’s a book about creating change. It’s about making massive changes in your life without battling for them for years. Fundamentally it’s about ending the ways we make change hard and embracing strategies for making change much easier.

It’s been super tough to not share every single idea, paragraph & chapter with you guys! This week, however, I’ll be sharing a teeny glimpse inside.

This week I’m hosting a totally free online seminar to talk about 3 specific things you can do to make change easier, starting right away! I’ll also open up the last opportunity to work with me in 2018 because after this spring coaching program I’ll be hunkering down to devote more time to finishing the book.

There are two sessions you can choose from – Wednesday March 21 and Thursday March 22nd – you pick the day/time that works best for you!

To register and join me live, click here!  I’d love for you to be there!

I’ll make sure to stick around around afterwards & answer your questions!

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