Episode 042: Fat Facts: Is Your Lack of Dietary Fat Keeping You Fat & Risking Your Health?

Apr 30, 2015

Are lies about fat keeping you fat and putting your health at risk? In today’s episode we get into fat facts. We discuss the myths and misconceptions about dietary fat, the truth about calories, saturated fat, cholesterol and much more. Plus, we talk about the whole food fat sources that can help you reach your goals!

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Myths: Most of us believe that fat makes us fat, eating cholesterol raises serum cholesterol and fat intake leads to heart disease. None of those things are true. In today’s episode we go through where these myths came from, what the facts are, and how dietary fat can actually keep you healthy and lean.

Facts: Fat is structurally and functionally essential in the body. Listen to the full episode to understand how fat improves your mood, increases satiety, strengths your immune system, supports hormone balance and much more. We go into the difference between saturated, unsaturated and trans fats and which types of fats are healthiest for life and fat loss.

Practical Implementation:

  • Track your food intake, hormonal biofeedback and progress
  • Focus on whole-food fat sources like coconut, avocado, grass fed beef, wild-caught fish, hormone-free dairy products and whole-food derived oils
  • Limit trans fats and processed foods
  • Eat fats in their whole food form when possible


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