Ep 125: Fat Loss Basics Part 5 – Exercise & Movement

Jan 14, 2016

To kick off the New Year, I am doing a series called Fat Loss Basics! In the first episode, we talked about calories & hormones and the requirements for fat loss. In the second, we covered everything you need to know about carbs & fat loss. Then we tackled protein & highlighted the ways that protein intake increases satiety & supports fat burning but also established how too much protein inhibits fat loss. In part 4 we looked at dietary fat & how eating more fat might help accelerate fat burning!

To get caught up, check out part 1,  part 2part 3 and part 4.

In today’s episode we’re diving into exercise & fitness for fat loss:

  • Should you be working out?
  • Can you burn fat without working out?
  • What types of workouts make you eat more?
  • What are the best types of workouts for fat loss?
  • How much & how often should I workout?
  • Should I lift weights?
  • How does leisure walking support fat loss?

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fat loss basics part 5

Fat Loss Basics Part 5 – Exercise & Fitness

Focusing on fitness before you’ve mastered your big nutrition rocks might not be the best approach

Really ask yourself, “What gets in my way of achieving my goal?”

Focus your energy & attention on removing your barriers instead of adding tasks, habits & challenges outside of those barriers

Leisure walking is an awesome way to accelerate fat loss, decrease hunger & reduce cravings

Chronic cardio – moderate intensity, high duration – is likely to increase both hunger & cravings because of its impact on cortisol

Enjoy chronic cardio if you love it, but understand it might not be the most effective activity for fat loss

Sprints/high intensity intervals are fantastic for fat loss because of the oxygen debt created and the hormonal response they generate

High intensity is relative to YOU. There is no magical intensity level. You’re pushing YOUR body, not someone else’s

Weight training is a great way to improve insulin sensitivity & increase your metabolic rate

For weight training to be most effective fat loss, focus on maximum muscle engagement & significant stimulus


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