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by | Jul 21, 2015 | Blog

I have absolutely no doubt that you have good intentions when it comes to food and fat loss. You want to eat the right things, you want to make good choices and you absolutely want to reach your goals (and not be obsessed with food all the freakin’ time!) I hear you. Unfortunately, sometimes our best intentions aren’t enough. We have good intentions but awful strategies. We aren’t implementing the fat loss food strategies that will really drive our results. How about we stop that? How about we identify & eliminate what doesn’t work (and is probably holding us back) and get to the root of what does work so we can start doing that? In this video, I’ll go into detail on:

  1.  3 food mistakes people make in an attempt to lose weight
  2. 3 high-impact food strategies for fat loss
  3. 3 ways to measure & monitor your results

I talk about fat loss foods as well as anti-fat loss foods and how to capitalize on your good intentions!

Want more specifics? Check out the Fat Loss Food Guide or comment and I’ll happily answer everything you want to know!

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