Its Too Hard? I Promise, Its Not

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Blog, Getting Started

Have you ever considered doing what it takes to lose weight and get healthy and then thought “it’s too hard”? Have you ever looked at yourself and acknowledged that you aren’t happy with your body but thought “I can’t do what it takes to change”?

I hear those comments all the time. People will tell me how impressed they are by my weight loss and share that they wish they could do the same but they just don’t have that kind of self control or they just couldn’t make the necessary changes in their eating habits.

While I certainly understand those sentiments, I completely disagree. I’ve gotta ask: What feels better? Does it feel better to always be pining after a life other than your own or does it feel better to wake up with intention and work towards something you want?

Does it feel better to look in the mirror with resignation and embarrassment or pride and determination?

Does it feel better to indulge and feel guilty and lethargic or practice willpower and feel encouraged and empowered?

Does it feel better to let your body waste away or to engage it, challenge it and make it stronger?

Does it feel better to cancel doctor appointments out of fear and denial or look forward to them as an opportunity to see the results of your transformation?

Does it feel better to exist or to thrive?

Is the way you’re living now really superior to a life of health, wellness, improvement and strength? Do you really want to choose chips and cookies over loving what you see in the mirror? Are they REALLY worth it?

Remember: improving your life and embracing healthy changes isn’t about a radical shift. It’s ok (and preferable!) to start slowly. Identify one small, healthy change at a time and practice it until you master it. Build on your new healthy habit as you gain momentum.

Committing to a healthier you doesn’t mean goodbye forever to your favorite indulgences. It just means that you’re gradually working towards a disciplined, moderate, healthy lifestyle. Take it from me: I’ve lived both ways. This way feels better.

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