Episode 066: Healthy On A Budget

Jul 14, 2015

In today’s episode we’re tackling how to eat healthy on a budget. Eating for fat loss or “going paleo/primal” does not have to be more expensive than the Standard American Diet. Can it be? Sure. But you can have a huge grocery budget on the Standard American Diet or you can have a small one. Similiarly, you can have a huge grocery budget on a Primal diet or you can have a small one. There are ways. You get what you look for. You can absolutely eat healthy on a budget. In this episode, we’ll show you how.

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 Discussed in this Episode:

The 80/20 rule states that 80% or more of our results come from 20% or less of our efforts or actions. So basically, there are a small number of factors that are responsible for the majority of our results.

  • Focus on big rocks (what drive results) vs. small rocks (little factors that do not move the needle)
  • Big Rocks:
  • Small Rocks (these are still important, just not the most important):
    • organic
    • grass-fed
    • wild caught
    • non-GMO
    • hormone free
  • goal: eat whole foods, limit processed foods

Practical Implementation Strategies:

  • buy seasonal produce
  • buy local
  • only buy what you know you’ll eat
  • buy meat (and nuts) in bulk
  • shop online
  • plan your meals
  • cook enough for leftovers
  • keep staples on hand
  • grow your own produce (herbs)
  • look for sales & plan meals accordingly
  • when you buy conventionally raised meats, trim the fat before cooking and drain the fat once cooked
  • keep it simple! (not necessary to use fancy recipes–focus on protein, veggies, & fat)
  • buy frozen veggies
  • eat your leftovers
  • prioritize upspending/Dirty Dozen/Clean 15
  • Dirty Dozen: foods that are worth buying organic if you can
    •  celery
    • peaches
    • strawberries
    • apples
    • domestic blueberries
    • nectarines
    • sweet bell peppers
    • spinach, kale and collard greens
    • cherries
    • potatoes
    • imported grapes
    • lettuce
  • Clean 15: foods that are okay to eat conventionally
    •  onions
    •  avocados
    • sweet corn
    •  pineapples
    •  mango
    • sweet peas
    •  asparagus
    • kiwi fruit
    •  cabbage
    •  eggplant
    •  cantaloupe
    •  watermelon
    •  grapefruit
    • sweet potatoes
    • sweet onion


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