How Do You Feel When You Think That Thought?

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Blog

Think about your most common thoughts.Think about the things that stress you out, overwhelm you or make you sad or angry.

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In fact, the next time you catch your mind wandering, I want you to ask yourself a question.

What energy is this creating in me?*

Let’s say that you’re driving to work and find yourself replaying, in your mind, a conversation you had with someone that left you frustrated or annoyed.

You’re choosing to think about that interaction and revisit it in your mind.

What energy is it creating in you?

I’ll confess. That example comes from my own life, just the other day. I was driving to the gym when I noticed I was re-living a conversation that had frustrated me. I was thinking through all the things I wanted to say & all the points I wanted to make to this person.

I thought about the energy it was creating in me: frustration, annoyance, anger. Nothing good.

Since I certainly don’t want to feel that way, I switched my attention. I looked at the clear blue skies. I put on a song I love. I thought about the energy I’d bring to my workout.

Just for kicks, I asked myself again, “What energy is this creating in me?

In a matter of seconds, my energy had changed. I felt peaceful, grateful and in control.

This is a tool we can use not just with our thoughts but also our words and our choices.

When you’re worried about what someone will think of your outfit, what energy does that create in you? When you’re being snarky, dismissive or short-tempered, what energy does that create in you? When you’re having your 3rd glass of wine or turning to the cookies when you aren’t hungry, what energy does that create in you?

What choices, thoughts or words create a lighter, happier energy? What people bring out that energy in you?

You are not your thoughts. You are the thinker. You can redirect your attention in any & every moment to create the feelings you want to experience.

Don’t wish for a peaceful day. Don’t wish for a good mood. Create it.

If your thoughts, actions or words aren’t creating the energy you want for your day or your life, you always have the power to make the change.

Put joy first. 

*I got this question from a book I love called How To Communicate Like a Buddhist by Cynthia Kane.

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