How I’m Handling My Frustration

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Blog

I’ve been super frustrated. I’ve felt stuck. I’ve felt like what I need is out of my hands. I guess I’ve been feeling kind of powerless. It’s an awful feeling.

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While it hasn’t been about health, fitness or fat loss and yet, it kind of is about those things because how we think when we feel stuck, how we operate when we feel powerless – it impacts every single area of life.

Several months ago I moved into a new house. Things have not gone according to plan. For months, there was a new problem every day. Because I’m not an electrician, plumber or contractor, I’ve felt powerless. I’ve felt like I need these people in order to solve my problems. When people haven’t followed through, shown up for appointments, returned my calls or scheduled repairs, I’ve felt stuck.

These are absolutely first world problems, but they are problems I want fixed. I want to put all these issues behind me, but I’ve been telling myself it’s out of my control.

Yesterday, as I was driving home from the grocery store, I heard something on a podcast that shifted my perspective and put me right back in my power. Alex Fiance, founder of Kairos, said:

You can create anything from scratch with the right people.

Boom. That was all I needed to hear.

EVERYTHING is possible with the right people. Everything.

Immediately, I reframed my situation.

Really, Elizabeth?!  You’re going to choose to feel powerless over home repairs? No. You are more than that. You have more options. Stop with the drama and victim stuff. Stop now. 

Simply, I haven’t found the right people. THAT is my responsibility and completely in my power.

Of course I feel powerless when I sit and think that people “should” respond. They “should” show up. They “should” return calls.

What good is “should“?

None at all. Reality is all that matters. Should is a complete waste of power.

What’s squarely in my control is calling more people. Asking around. Being more involved in creating the solution than being in my feelings and choosing to feel like a victim of the problem.

I need to find the right people.

And that’s not the only option. Explore ALL the options! For example, I need a new media center built. I can learn to build it. That’s certainly not my only option, but my point is, neither is sitting and pouting because no one has followed through and shown up to do it.

This might seem random. Why am I writing a post about home repairs? Here’s why:

Everything is possible with the right people. Everything is possible with the right attitude. Everything is possible with the right strategy.

Stop with should. Stop with the problem.

What are your options? What can you do?

You can create anything from scratch.

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