392: Missing Out & Dealing With Temptation

Sep 23, 2017

I absolutely love this episode. A long-time client of mine had a big mindset breakthrough recently & today I’m sharing it with you.

For most of her life, this client has indulged almost every day. Chocolate here, ice cream there, she never wanted to miss out on a treat.

Even though she wanted to lose weight & get healthy, she didn’t want to miss out on indulgences – and that’s how she say giving them up – missing out.

We talked about a lot of different strategies over many months of work – focusing on what’s really worth it & what’s not, indulging with less frequency – we tried lots of things.

However, her story remained the same: I love treats and I don’t want to miss out on them.

Recently, she decided to change her story. In today’s episode I’m sharing her breakthrough as well as my own perspective shift.

If you feel like you’re inconsistent and struggle to resist temptation, this episode is for you!

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