566: How to Let Go of What’s Holding You Back

Feb 28, 2019

You need to learn how to let go. I need to learn how to let go.

This is, without question, one of my favorite episodes of the Primal Potential podcast. This is one of these most powerful episodes of the podcast.

For you to benefit from this episode as much as possible, there are a few things I want you to consider before we begin.

  • Do you need to learn how to let go of your excuses?
  • Do you need to learn how to let go of your past?
  • Do you need to learn how to let go of your anger? Your fear? Your feelings of rejection?
  • Do you need to learn how to let go of a particular habit or behavior?

What are you ready to let go of?

On today’s episode, you’ll hear an incredibly raw, real and powerful conversation with relational alchemist, Stef Sifandos. Through his programs and his coaching, he helps people create transformation through connection. He’s one of the most clear-minded and genuine humans I’ve ever met and I’m honored to share our conversation with you!

how to let go

How To Let Go – Questions to Ask:

  • What sets you off?
  • What situations in your life are creating an exaggerated reaction?
  • How do you feel when you react that way?
  • When was the last time you felt that way?
  • Who are you without that thought?
  • Are you willing to let go?
  • What else is true?
  • What else is possible?
  • How can you practice a different reaction today?

For more questions that will help you create change, check out Chasing Cupcakes!


Learn more about Stef Sifandos! His website features incredible articles as well as all the ways you can work with him.

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