Episode 077: How To Stop Self Sabotage

Aug 22, 2015

For most of us, certainly for me, the key to achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals is in understanding how to stop self sabotage. It’s in your ability to understand how you get in your own way, how you routinely sabotage your efforts (consciously or unconsciously) and then changing your behavior accordingly. This is far easier said than done but it is 100% possible if you’re willing to pay attention, be honest with yourself and acknowledge that you have everything it takes to improve your life and change your behavior.

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How To Stop Self Sabotage

  • Change your focus. What you focus on you feel
  • Understand that describing is prescribing
  • Be so careful about the words that follow the statement, “I am…”
  • Acknowledge that negative self talk reinforces the very behavior you’re trying to change
  • Learn to stop listening to yourself and start talking yourself by using constructive, truthful affirmations
  • Stop justifying your choices with your circumstances
  • Be more committed to fixing than defending
  • Do not argue for your limitations


Overcoming Emotional Eating & Self-Limiting Behaviors

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