If Today Was My Last Day

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Blog

It’s the first day of December – a new month and the last month of 2017. I love it. As I sat with my coffee this morning, I opened up my Daily Stoic Journal & turned to the question for December 1st.

“If I lived today as if it were my last, what would I do?”

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The first thing I wrote was, “I’m so screwed with this answer…

I’m so screwed with this answer because I need to work today. I’m choosing to work today. If today was my last day, there are things I’d make time for like:

  • going to see my mom & my sister
  • going to see my aunt, cousins and grandmother
  • spending time with my best friend
  • hugging & kissing my boyfriend
  • recording a goodbye & final message podcast for my Primal Potential family

And of course I thought – “I can’t do those things today – I have to work!” I’m going on vacation next week & need to be super productive so I have the flexibility to enjoy my time away!

Like many of us do every day, I immediately started thinking of why I can’t do the thing that would add more joy to my life…

But as my mind went to why I can’t live today as if it was last, I quickly redirected to: what can I do?

I don’t have to focus on what I can’t or won’t do. There’s no value there. What am I able and willing to do?

Where is there a middle ground?

I’m not going to fly across the country to have coffee with a friend and I’m not even going to drive down to the Cape to see my boyfriend. But I can absolutely call those people & tell them how much they mean to me.

How can I live today as if it was my last within the confines of my choices & reality?

  • I can call the people who matter most to me and express my love & appreciation
  • I can refuse to get stressed about, well, anything.
  • I can play my favorite music while I shower & get dressed instead of listening to books
  • I can write a blog or record a podcast that reflects everything I’d want to say to my Primal Potential family if I knew I was at the end of my life – there’s probably a lot that I shouldn’t wait to say!

Most of us have a tendency to focus on what we can’t do. In reality, there’s always something we can do. There’s a middle ground. It’s up to us to find it. It’s up to us to act on it.

Sure, there are many things I can’t or won’t do today that I would probably do if it was my last day. But, a slight reframe of the question opens up so many more possibilities.

Within my current framework, within my reality, what am I able to do today to live my best day? To connect with the people who matter most?

Within my current framework, how can I take impeccable care of myself?

Within my current framework, what am I able to do today to move towards my goals?

There’s always a way but you have to be willing to ask yourself what it is and act on the answer.

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