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A couple weeks ago (early Feb 2017), I sent out an email to everyone on my VIP email list to let them know of an upcoming transition in my life. Since then, I’ve received countless emails from people who said that email encouraged them to create more joy in their lives, so I’ve decided to share that email here on the blog.

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Hey my friends!

I’ve got something special to share with you today. I am moving. In
every way, I am moving. Geographically, mentally and physically – I am
moving to a next and most exciting adventure. (And Primal Potential will
remain….just to quell any nervousness off the bat.)

On Sunday, February 26th I’ll give the details & specifics of my big
move and unveil the exciting way I’ll be sharing the journey with you,
but for now I want to tell you why I’m moving and how I came to this
scary, exciting decision. (Blog note: this 2/26/17 update will go out to those on the VIP email list)

I don’t want to live by the status quo. I want to live a life that
pushes the limits and when I’m on my death bed, I want to know I gave it
everything I had and pushed every limit of my potential.

Right now, I’m not doing that.

My life has changed tremendously in the last few years, and I’m more
proud of the person I am today than I was a few years ago, but I know I
haven’t even tapped into all I’m truly capable of.

2017 is the year of me breaking through my shell, breaking through my
fears, my self-imposed limits and every barrier I’ve created and
believed in.
I am going after, with courage and determination, everything I want.
I am stepping into my highest potential.
I am facing some of my biggest fears of rejection & inadequacy.
I am unleashing the most excitable, energetic, hopeful and optimistic
parts of my soul that I’ve buried with fears and doubts and the desire
to “not rock the boat” for too long.

Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect shared the other day, “When your greatest
fear is being a coward, that’s when you have the best chance of

I have let fears, doubts and limitations hold me back a lot in my life
and I am dropping every ounce of that as I kick off this new chapter.

Some of you might be thinking, “Gosh, I wish I could make some big
sweeping change but I can’t because I am married. Or because I have
kids. Or because I can’t afford it.”

Let me address that directly:

This isn’t something I can do because I’m single. It isn’t something I
can do because I don’t have a “conventional” job. This isn’t something I
can do because I don’t have children or because I have the financial
Every single one of us can take steps, no matter our circumstances, to
crush our self-imposed limitations. Every single one of us can take bold
action towards our dreams.

Start where you are. Do what you can. Don’t wait.

Will you choose Netflix? Will you choose fear? Will you talk yourself
out of it? Will you wait?

Will you focus on all the things you can’t do instead of identifying the
many things you CAN do?

Or, will you join me in taking risks, in doing all you can and leaving
nothing on the table – knowing you created a wild love, an adventurous
spirit and a health & vitality beyond your expectations?

I hope you’ll choose to challenge yourself & pursue all that CAN BE
instead of focusing on all that isn’t or hasn’t been. I am on this
journey with you and I am on your side.

I can promise you a couple of things:

* Primal Potential will continue in new and exciting ways (as well as
some of the current ways)

* I will share my journey with you in new and exciting ways

* I believe in you as much as I believe in myself, and that’s a lot
Stay tuned for more details in a couple weeks. In the meantime – be
bold, be brave, challenge yourself and don’t settle.

I’ll leave you guys with one last thought that inspired me this week. I
was watching the new HBO documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett” (I
recommend it) and he says that he’s been fortunate to tap dance to work
for over 50 years. He loves what he does. I want to tap dance through
every day. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes. Will there always be
responsibilities you don’t enjoy? Yeah, of course, welcome to the human
experience. But I want us all to get busy creating a life we are excited
to live. I want us all to tap dance through our days. Starting right
now. This minute.

All my love!

Like a feather – strong with purpose, light at heart…

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