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by | Jan 4, 2018 | Blog

I don’t have it all together all the time. I am not calm & happy all the time, I don’t eat well all the time and I don’t always make myself proud.

But I am always paying attention.

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That’s probably the biggest difference between who I am now & who I was a couple years ago. I pay attention. I pay attention to my moods, my attitude, my choices and my thoughts by asking good questions & asking them regularly.

Let me take you inside my personal life, my real-world struggles and how I take control and create wins where I’m at risk of losing, dropping the ball, or staying in a funk.

The last two weeks have been super challenging for me.

  • My tiny home was delivered…with serious issues. I won’t get into them here until they are resolved, but I promise to share more. In fact, I’ll be launching a new podcast on tiny living & simplifying your life.
  • I’ve spent most of my days in a cold, small home without water or working plumbing dealing with contractors, plumbers and manufacturers…not working even though I really needed to be working.
  • It was FLFT launch week and I couldn’t give the time to it that I wanted to.
  • Not having water means not being able to cook and relying on eating out and takeout more often than I’d prefer.
  • Plus of course the holidays, family, parties, travel and all that stuff adding to a chaotic schedule.

One night, I was sitting in my loft feeling incredibly overwhelmed, nervous and upset. I wasn’t happy. Everything felt wrong.

I pulled out my journal and wrote:

What is between me and fully enjoying this moment?

Fear. Frustration. Disappointment. To-dos.

But the more I thought about it, I realized that the things I was upset about couldn’t be fixed at that moment. I didn’t have a plumber there. I didn’t have the manufacturer there. I didn’t have internet. So I was letting things I couldn’t change at that moment rob me of time I could be enjoying.

What a waste of a good day to spend it upset over things I can’t control.

When I’m overwhelmed or upset I ask myself: can I solve any of these problems right now? If the answer is yes, it’s time to get to work. 

If the answer is no, it’s time to stop focusing on it, at least for now.

There was certainly plenty in that day I could be grateful for but I have to be intentional about turning my focus & attention to those things.

I have an amazing business that allows me to do what I love & help people every day.

I am healthy.

I have a precious family.

I’m in love.

There are solutions to the problems I’m experiencing and we’re working towards them.

Asking that simple question, “what is between me and fully enjoying this moment?” allowed me to reset, take control and not create a spiral of negativity to robs me of precious time I’ll never get back.

Asking and answering that question changed my perspective and my mood.

I put on some great music, pulled out a book I love, snuggled under a new blanket and texted my boyfriend to tell him I love him.

So, the next time you are stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy or upset, ask yourself what is between you & fully enjoying the moment you’re in.

For more questions that can change your life, check out this presentation from the other night! It’s worth your time for sure!

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