It’s Not A Problem, It’s A Practice

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Blog

It’s easy to feel defeated and discouraged by our “problems”. The reason I put the word problems in quotations isn’t to dismiss or diminish your struggles. It’s because I have a different perspective I’d like you to consider.

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Every day, I get emails from people who declare, “My problem is cravings. My problem is alcohol. My problem is snacking. My problem is consistency.

I mentioned this in episode 494, but I see it differently.

It’s not your problem, it’s your practice.

Let me explain. Oftentimes, I’ll respond to those emails by asking, “What does your practice look like?

If you’ve told me that your problem is snacking, I’d say, “What does your practice look like?

Are you practicing the problem? Are you practicing solutions? What does your consistency of implementing the new behavior you desire look like?

If you feel like your problem is snacking after dinner, and you eat every night after dinner, your practice is reinforcing the “problem”. Your practice is the problem. Your practice is also the solution.

You don’t have a snacking problem, you have a snacking practice.

Similarly, whatever our problem is, that is our opportunity to practice the solution.

Instead of the perspective that you have a snacking problem, challenge yourself to embrace a snacking practice, just for today, that reflects what you want.

Maybe that means the kitchen is closed after dinner tonight. Your practice is being done with dinner. That’s the practice.

Tomorrow, wake up and define what your practice will look like for tomorrow.

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