“Leave What’s Heavy Behind”

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Blog

There’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately when I feel sad, frustrated, lonely or angry. It helps me break out of the emotion & break into a brighter state of mind.

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I heard the question on a Tara Brach podcast:

What is between me and fully enjoying this moment?

What is it that’s keeping me from enjoying what’s right here, right now?

Usually, what’s keeping me from enjoying a particular moment are my feelings about something that happened in the past or my fear/uncertainty about something that might happen in the future.

Once I’ve recognized what’s between me & enjoying the present moment, I’ll remind myself that I need to leave the past in the past and that I don’t want to miss out on this moment right here because I’m thinking about something that has yet to come.

I was working through this the other day, writing in my journal about what thoughts were negatively impacting my mood in that moment, and the song “Heavy” by Birdtalker came on.

Leave what’s heavy
What’s heavy behind

If your face is down
Take a look around
Do your fingers move?
Do your lungs inflate?
Are you tired are you weary
Of the hidden hate you’ve been holding?
Did you lose that love?
Or have you never had it?
Are you feeling sad cause you did a bad thing?

Leave what’s heavy behind.

Whatever it is that’s weighing you down, you can set it down, even if just for a moment.

You don’t have to carry it in your thoughts all the time.

Leave what’s heavy behind.

If your face is down, take a look around…

What’s good? What’s right? What’s possible?

Pick your head up and travel lighter. Leave what’s heavy behind.

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