3 Lessons on Motivation and Consistency

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Blog

Have you ever wondered how you can want something so bad and tell yourself you’re going to do the work but repeatedly fail to do it?

Have you ever wondered why you can feel super-motivated but still make choices that keep you from reaching your goals?

Have you ever wondered why you can want to lose weight and improve your body but still struggle with consistency & self-discipline.

Uh huh. Me too. That was the story of my life.

For years, I wanted for it without working for it. I mean, I’d work for it sometimes. But I’d fall for any and every reason to indulge, make an excuse or claim an exception.

fat loss

I obsessed about weight loss, read every diet book, knew every last tip & trick but struggled with consistency, motivation & self discipline.

Fortunately, I learned some powerful lessons that changed everything & I lost almost 150 lbs. After struggling with yo-yo dieting for my entire life, these lessons completely stopped the struggle & transformed everything in my life.

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Alright, no more holding back. Here are a few of the key lessons I learned:

  • Your body will work to create the vision your mind has given it.
    If you declare that you are fat, if you declare that you aren’t motivated, if you declare that you’re an emotional eater, your body will work to create those visions. This isn’t woo-woo new age stuff. It’s true. If you want to change your body, you’ve got to change your mind (and I’ll teach you how I did this for myself in Tuesday’s masterclass! I know, it’s not always easy to make this switch but it’s 100% possible and won’t take as long as you might think!)
  • Obstacles will arise. When they arise, change your direction, not your decision. 
    Sure, you might have to course correct along the way, but do NOT quit in response to obstacles. Adjust, take a detour, change the game plan, but never, ever change your decision.
    You can be “solution-conscious” (always looking for a way to make it work, always searching for a solution to a problem) or you can be “problem-conscious” (always making excuses and seeing the obstacles in the path). You can’t be both. You must train yourself to seek solutions. You will always get what you look for.
  • Happiness comes from progress, not pleasure. 
    Think about how you feel after a binge. Awful, right? Think about how you feel when you’re beating yourself up for self-sabotaging. It feels terrible. We look at food as this source of pleasure, but the reality is, over-indulging feels terrible.
    We have to work on asking ourselves, “How will I feel if I make this choice?”
    Very few people wake up the morning after over-indulging or binging and think, “I’m so glad I did that” yet choosing your goals is never regretted in the morning!

While those are a few of the important lessons that helped me overcome my decades long pattern of self-sabotage, there’s a whole lot more. I feel very confident that if you make this free motivation masterclass a priority, it will help you:

  • Resist temptation
  • Accelerate your fat loss
  • Feel less deprived
  • Generate momentum & motivation

Here’s one more thing I’ve learned (this is something I learned from Zig Ziglar): 100% of the people who don’t take the first step won’t take the second.



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