685: Motivation without Obsession? Listener Q&A

Nov 23, 2019

Staying motivated without getting obsessed with it? Is that even possible? Is obession bad? Can it be helpful? We have the answer for you in today’s Q&A episode!

Here’s the list of questions we’re answering today:

  • Staying motivated without getting obsessed —how do you do it?
  • You’ve mentioned on the podcast that you have quit drinking coffee during your pregnancy, and I wondered if you could share a bit about what led you to that decision.  I just learned that I’m pregnant with my second child, and while I did not give up coffee entirely during my first pregnancy, I think it might be beneficial this time around. I do love my morning coffee and would love some evidence to motivate me on those mornings when a cup of coffee is tempting.  Morning sickness hasn’t hit me yet, so I’m sure will also affect my coffee consumption. Also, did you quit cold turkey when you learned you were pregnant or did you gradually taper off?
  • How soon can we find out if we have made it into the 12 Weeks to Transformation?
  • How do I give up drinking regular alcohol when it’s such a big part of mine and my husband’s life and is how we spend our time bonding, as we have three kids and don’t do much else but work and look after the kids.
  • What is the best plan if I miss day(s) journaling?
  • How do I get off of being the victim over my health? I blame everything that is wrong with my weight on believed “malfunctioning body” when it fact is my lack of consistency that has brought me here.

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