Motivational Minisode – A Client’s Perspective on Achieving Your Goals

Jan 18, 2016

Today’s motivational minisode is not my own. This perfect minisode shares the perspective & beautiful thoughts of one of the women I’m lucky enough to work with.

I think it’s a wonderful thing when we can learn how people overcome their personal barriers and implement powerful behavior changes. She has done that, is doing that and today we’re going to hear some of her thoughts.

Before we dive in, a huge, heartfelt thank you to her & to all of you who share your journeys with me. It’s the single greatest blessing of hosting this podcast.

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Last Friday morning I checked my email. It was around 7:30am.

One of the wonderful women in my Fat Loss Fast Track group had emailed.

I soooooo need to talk to you NOW!

Can you call me…All I need is 2 minutes. I’m leaving for work in 5 minutes.

In today’s motivational minisode, you’ll hear what she had to say, in her own words.

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If listening isn’t your thing, here’s what she had to say. I’m so honored that she shared her thoughts with me in such a powerful way. This is how she has assimilated her own journey with the Primal Potential podcast, our Fat Loss Fast Track group & the new Breaking Barriers e-course. It’s beautiful, it’s powerful, and I hope it moves you the way I suspect it will.

Hi Elizabeth.

It’s so great to talk to you!

Don’t worry…I won’t take up too much of your time! But I do believe you’ll be happy I reached out to you…Hopefully anyway.
I actually think this could be a FABULOUS minisode!!!
Here it goes…Picture this!
You know when it rains…how the droplets move on windows? I’m sure you’ve observed this before.

You know how they fall down when they get too heavy?

And how the heavier they get, the faster they go down?

And then…You know how when it rains or when you think of any water stream, it chooses the path that’s been chosen the most often…The one that’s easier to go through.

And it gets deeper and wider with time.

Even though it’s only water, it causes erosion…MASSIVE erosion sometimes… Isn’t that what caused the Grand Canyon?

And of course, the deeper it is, the most likely it WILL be the chosen path EVERYTIME.

It’s the same with us…The more often we choose CRAP/ to binge…The deeper the groove/ditch/ravine we dig.

And the harder it becomes for us to AVOID that ditch we have dug over time or even worse, to drag our way back OUT of it when we fall in.

YOU Elizabeth, are giving us the materials and the tools…With all your podcasts, webinars, templates, worksheets, blogs, emails…AND your courses…(Just registered to start the Breaking Barriers course)…to fill up our ravines when we DO fall off the wagon or get too close to the edge.

You are helping us fill our too-many-times chosen paths with raw materials…With our big rocks, stones, pebbles, logs, fertile soil (where trees can start growing)…

Rope, wood boards, nails…And so on…

And you are also giving us TOOLS…Hammer, saw, axe, pickaxe and so on to build ladders, stairs…

Ways to climb OUT of our pits/ditches as quick as possible to stop digging further down.

The faster we can fill the ditch / even out the terrain, the faster we can CHOOSE/CREATE the paths we were meant to walk on.

And the quicker and easier we can LIVE…LIVE the life we were meant to have.

I still, too often, fall into my too deep and steep ravine…As I’ve been digging it for the past 35+ years BUT…I feel I’m getting better and better equipped to get out OR go nearer to it without falling in or falling in as deep…

As it IS getting filled-out and I now have more and more stairs and tree branches to help me climb out when I do.

And I AM VERY confident that one day…soon…there WILL be beautiful flowers growing on that old path.

Stop waiting and digging deeper and CREATE a NEW path NOW…TODAY!!!

The longer you wait, the harder it will be.


I will never be able to thank you enough for all you are doing for me and for all of us across the world…But this is my seed…Hopefully, someone will hear it and want to plant it…

And finally LIVE the lives they were meant to have.

Her words are perfect & beautiful. It reminds me of the quote: A river cuts through rock not because of its power but because of its persistence.

The little choices that you think don’t matter – they do. They are the rain drops. Over the course of a day or a week, they are the slow stream. It’s not their individual power, but their persistence.

The same is true of your good choices. You think they are inconsequential but they aren’t. They are the rain drops. One small drop matters because it is the start of a process. It’s not its power but its persistence.

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