My Fave Holiday Stocking Stuffers

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Blog

In my family, we’re into holiday stockings. My mom still makes up a stocking for me each Christmas and when I was married, my ex-husband & I exchanged stockings. It’s a tradition I’ll continue forever!

Growing up, my stocking was full of candy & toys. In the last few years, my mom has played it safe by skipping the candy and filling my stocking with socks, candles, dental floss, dish towels and gift cards.

I love floss & dish towels, but it’s time for everyone to step up their stocking game! Here are some of my favorite holiday stocking stuffers for this year.

Coffee mugs are one of my fave stocking stuffers because then you can fill them with other stuff!

The mugs I use most often are the Primal Potential mugs – of course – they’re big, sturdy and they’re for my favorite thing: coffee!

And while you’re at it, throw some glass straws in the stocking! Yup, I drink my coffee with a glass straw so it doesn’t stain my teeth. People always ask me how I keep my teeth so white and this is my hack: I drink my coffee with a glass straw! Here’s the brand I personally use.

And of course, put some coffee in that stocking! Here’s a brand I’m loving right now! And of course I can’t go wrong with Death Wish.

Ready for something I’m surprised to love? Naked Cow Beef Jerky. One of the reasons I love it is because it’s super clean – one of the ONLY jerky brands I’ve ever found that doesn’t add sugar (they to do their honey flavor, but not to the others). Plus, it uses beef from grass fed cows. And, obviously, it tastes great!

I’ve never purchased a mantra band (I’m not a big jewelry girl) but lots of my clients love them and it could be a great way to connect with or inspire a loved one!

This might be a little big for a stocking but I’m crazy excited about mine. Okay: so you know how I’m a huge Patriots fan, right? Well Tom Brady recently started promoting recovery sleep wear from Under Armour. Guys. I bought some. I love it. It’s cute, fits well & it’s crazy comfortable. Is it helping me recover? I don’t know. But I love them as PJs and they’ll fit into a stocking! This is one of my fave purchases of the last few months! I’m linking up the women’s but of course they make sleep wear for men, too.

Oh! And you know what I’d love in my own stocking? JUNK headbands! I almost always wear a headband when I work out and these are my faves! I have about 10 of them!

Books! Books! Stuff your stockings with books! Want to drop a hint to someone you love? How To Communicate Like a Buddhist was a fantastic read on relationships & communication. I highly recommend it. The Obstacle Is The Way is a great read for anyone, as is The Four Agreements.

I hope Santa brings you everything you want & that you take some time to give back! If you can, give blood this season! It’s the gift of life, literally!

PS: For a podcast on my holiday gift ideas, check out episode 416.

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