The Need To Be Anti-Rut

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Blog

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Too many people feel like they are in a rut. Stuck. Surviving, but not thriving.

Even more people are actually in a rut & just don’t realize it. It’s their normal. Life is not good, but it’s familiar.

Their lives resemble the classic movie Groundhog Day. Dull. Predictable. Average. Expected. Unfulfilling. 

They’re drifting through life, not experiencing the amazing life they are capable of creating.

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I started thinking about this when a client emailed me this weekend with a request for our audio coaching channel.

She wanted me to talk about life on the other side of obesity. Life on the other side of depression.

I hit record and started talking off the cuff about the specific ways my life is different without financial debt and obesity.

I explained that big and small moments of making myself proud was like gradually forcing the sun to rise and, as it rose, it couldn’t help but erase the shadows of doubt, shame and insecurity.

It’s not like all of a sudden I woke up and my life was different…

It was literally one small choice at a time brightening that light that made the shadows smaller and smaller.

And that got me thinking about ruts…

When I was obese, I was in a rut. I created that rut by making the same choices and the same excuses day after day.

But I was also capable of choosing my way out of that rut.

Making different choices, one moment at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time.

Not grand plans, but simple, small choices.

Choice by choice climbing out of the rut.

You have to make different choices. You have to choose the anti-rut.

You have to make a different path, paved with different choices.

You have to act differently. Choose differently. Behave differently.

You have to DECIDE that you want to be different and then choose to ACT differently.

You have to seek out ways to make yourself proud every single day. In every single moment. One small thing at a time.

Maybe you make yourself proud in the ways you avoid spending money you don’t need to spend today.

Maybe you make yourself proud by not eating after dinner or by preparing a fat loss friendly dinner instead of ordering out.

You can make yourself proud by choosing not to gossip or complain.

You can make yourself proud by going for a walk instead of watching TV.

Whatever it means for you, it requires doing things differently.

Make different choices.

Try something new.

Take a class. Make a new friend.

When you think you’ve tried everything, remember that you haven’t!

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