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by | Dec 5, 2017 | Blog

This blog is explicit. If curse words offend you, please skip this one. xoxo

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Every night, I check my workout for the following day. I like to know what to expect, primarily because it influences what bra I’m going to wear.

(Hey, that might be TMI but it’s true. Box jumps and jump rope have different bra requirements than back squats and rowing. I’m just saying…)

Anyways, when I looked at the workout last night I thought, “Looks like a good day for a rest day!

Since I didn’t travel this past weekend, I’ve worked out 8 or 9 days (at the CrossFit box) in a row. I normally do 5-6 days at the box and then I’m away for a day or two. However, that wasn’t why I considered skipping the workout.

It was my least favorite kind of workout: all cardio, no weights, with running. Plus, it was running with a freakin’ sandbag. Thirty five pounds for the ladies. And, it was a specific number of rounds, versus an AMRAP. With an AMRAP, everyone finishes at the same time whether you completed 2 rounds or 22. When it’s not an AMRAP, someone finishes last.

So yeah. My least favorite kind of workout.

Fortunately, the ones I don’t want to do are the ones I refuse to skip. They’re the workouts I need the most. They’re the ones that make me better, physically & mentally.

I got to the gym and worked through my normal warm-up. Conor, one of the coaches, came in and I noticed that his t-shirt said “NFQ“.

I thought, “I wonder if that means ‘never fucking quit‘.” I considered asking him, but didn’t have time.

Fast foward into the workout…

I was doing my 3rd run with the sandbag while Conor, inspiringly fit, was doing his 4th. I could hear super fast feet behind me and new I was going to get passed.

As I he ran past me, I choked out “Never fucking quit!!!

He didn’t react at all. Not a look, not a word and I thought – NFQ is probably the name of some company somewhere. I kind of chuckled at myself, though I couldn’t breathe, because it was really more of a reminder for me than for him. His workout was almost over. I was only halfway through my 3rd round.

It inspired me. I started running faster. Pulling harder. I even ran an extra 200 meters at the end, with my partner, so she didn’t finish alone.

When I finished, Conor walked up to me. He gave me a high five and said “thanks for that”. He meant it.

I’m sure it helped me more than it helped him, but I thought I’d share it with you in case it helps you, too.

Never fucking quit. It doesn’t matter where you are or how far you have to go.

Don’t quit on this day. Don’t quit on that project. Don’t quit on yourself, your workout, your choices. Just keep going.

Pick up your feet and never fucking quit.

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