Q&A 28: Not Enough Carbs, Getting Enough Nutrients, Kombucha…

Sep 19, 2015

Another fun, short episode answering listener questions! We’re taking a short look at 4-5 questions focusing on what’s “not enough carbs”, getting adequate nutrients from food, kombucha for breakfast, bulletproof coffee & my own personal workout plan. If YOU have a question you’d like me to tackle, make sure you get on the free VIP email list so you can tell me what you want or need!!! 

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Questions We’re Tackling in This Episode

  1. Elizabeth! That’s not enough carbs! How do you have energy? How do you get enough nutrients?
  2. How do you make sure to eat enough potassium and calcium?
  3. Is kombucha a fat loss friendly breakfast choice?
  4. What does your workout routine look like?
  5. I tried bulletproof coffee and felt like I just took Adderall. Is this normal?


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