One Choice Away

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Blog

This week is a big week for me. I’m on vacation, but I’m spending as much time as I can on the first draft of my first book. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

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One of the first steps I took before launching into this book was to go back through all my old journals. I was looking to find what strategies & ideas pulled me out of my hardest moments – times when I felt like progress was so damn far away.

In reviewing the last few years of journals I was looking to answer the questions:

What have been the most valuable strategies for creating success amidst struggle?

What has helped me the most when I’ve been struggling?

What have I done to snap out of slumps and create change when I was feeling hopeless?

What have been my most successful strategies in creating change with clients?

As I’ve gone through hundreds of pages and countless emails, one concept keeps recurring:

You are only a handful of choices away from feeling amazing.

You are only a couple days away from feeling so much better.

I know how awful it can feel to be in a pattern of making crappy choices.

Maybe you’ve been overeating or gaining weight. Maybe you’ve been totally checked out and not even remotely focused on your goals. Maybe you’ve been making excuses and putting off doing the work.

It feels awful. It makes you feel stuck.

You are not stuck.

Feeling better is NOT far away. It’s so much closer than you think. It’s as near as just a few good choices.

Let’s say it’s been weeks or months of struggle.

A few good choices will improve your mood. A few good choices will create momentum. A few good choices will increase your confidence and bring you closer to the change you crave.

In as little as a day or two you can go from feeling frustrated and hopeless to in control and motivated.

You are only one good choice away from feeling better than you do right now.

When we break it down like that, turning the ship around feels much more manageable. 

I am 1 good choice away from feeling better than I do right now. 
I am 1 good choice away from feeling more in control than I do right now. 
I am a handful of good choices away from feeling dramatically different. 
I am just a great day or two away from feeling amazing. 

That has always been, and continues to be, a huge source of inspiration to me! 

I drank a lot more than normal when I was in Punta Cana a few weeks ago. When I came home, I felt bloated and tired. 

I opened up my phone and wrote to myself: you are just a couple good days away from feeling amazing! Start here, start now! 

There are so many other strategies and perspectives I’ve identified while going back through client emails, webinars & journals. These realizations are leading to some crazy-exciting changes and improvements to the winter Fat Loss Fast Track

To start, I’ve overhauled the journal to make sure it helps lead you the right actions for you, every single day. I’m also re-structuring the weekly challenges and level up lectures to ensure they reflect the most effective change strategies.

Next week I’m opening up the winter Fat Loss Fast Track to the wait list. If you aren’t on the wait list, you can hop on it super fast – just click here:

Love you guys! I really hope to get an opportunity to work with you this winter! Remember, you’re 1 great choice away from feeling more in control! 

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