One Question That Guides My Choices

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Blog

I’m going through a really cool activity with my Primal Potential Masters Club right now. Every month we read a book together and most months we have a challenge or activity that helps us create our best, happiest, healthiest life.

I won’t bore you with the details of our challenge this month, but I will share my draft of something I created for it.

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I wrote myself a letter that I’ll read at least twice each day and it begins with a powerful question.

What are the behaviors that make me feel most alive and most eager to engage fully with life?

See, here’s what my experiences have taught me: overeating might be satisfying for a couple minutes, but it absolutely does NOT make me feel most alive and it does NOT make me want to engage fully with life.

Instead, it makes me tired, sad, frustrated and disappointed. When I’m not making the best food choices I can, I don’t want to engage with anyone. I just want to throw a pity party.

On the flip side, making amazing choices and taking impeccable care of myself makes my life fuller, brighter and happier.

There’s really no comparison.

But, I need to remember that on a daily basis. I need to keep that realization at the forefront of my mind, which is why I wrote this letter to myself:

What are the behaviors that make me feel most alive and most eager to engage fully with life?

To choose anything other than that today or any day means a decision to suffer, miss out, settle and say “no” to what is possible for me.

Feeling most alive, feeling joyful and desiring to live at the highest level requires that I take impeccable care of myself.

Choosing anything other than impeccable self care means living at a level below what is available to me. Easing off doesn’t make things easier.

I have suffered enough. I have created a backlog of excuses, exceptions & justifications that confined me to a life of fear, hiding, depression and negativity. I’ve left that behind.

There are no more excuses, exceptions & justifications.

I refuse everything that doesn’t actively support my happiest, fullest and most joyful life.

Gratitude is a minimum standard in my life. Joy & celebration are the filters through which I see my days.

I am where I am, moment to moment, because of my thoughts. If I don’t like how I’m feeling, I have the power to immediately change my thoughts. Change can happen right now & I have to create it.

I get what I seek. My thoughts are constructive, never destructive. No longer will I bombard my mind with materials that feed my doubts and fears. Fear has no place in my life.

I do not play safe or small. I do not spend time in my comfort zone.

I am bold & determined. That is reflected in my daily actions.

What do you need to stay mindful of each day? And how would your life change if you kept that thing at the forefront of your mind?

Today’s workout was decent. Not bad, not great. Just there getting the work done even though I didn’t feel much like it.

3 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
12 Pull-ups

I swapped the run for bike since I’m trying to be careful with my knee.

On the food front:

Brunch was, not surprisingly, my cabbage salad bowl. I’m on a major kick with these lately which means I’ll probably get sick of them and not eat them for a few months. But, for now, I’m loving it!

A few hours later I had bacon & 2 eggs and dinner was cauliflower rice and a Mahi Mahi burger.

Nothing too exciting today, other than the great letter I shared above!!

Make it a great day!

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