Please: Stop Being Dramatic!

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Blog

I’m gonna call it like I see it here, okay?

There is way too much drama about food and weight loss. In fairness, I think there’s too much drama surrounding pretty much everything, but I see it every day related to food and weight loss.

How many of you have worked yourself into unpleasant emotion with thoughts like:

I’m totally out of control! I can’t get back on track!

I binged all weekend! What is wrong with me? Why do I keep doing that?

I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to lose the weight! I just can’t stay motivated. It’s too hard for me!

Are those thoughts helpful? Are they productive?


They are a choice. They are a decision to manufacture drama and negative feelings.

Here’s what they do: they make you feel like crap.

When you feel like crap,  you make crappy choices.

When you feel amazing, you make amazing choices.

Why are you repeatedly choosing to focus on things that make you feel like crap?

I’m not saying you need to deny fear and doubt. I’m not saying you have to turn off frustration.

But, your fixation on it has got to change.

“He who indulges empty fears earns himself real fears” ~ Seneca

For as long as you find yourself perseverating on what you’re worried about or where you’ve dropped the ball, you will stay there.

In a perfect world, I want you to practice winning in your own mind. You know, I want you to see yourself waking up and feeling fit, strong & vibrant. I want you to see yourself joyfully choosing a fat loss friendly meal over the bagels and donuts.

But at a bare minimum, please don’t practice losing in your own mind!

That’s what you’re doing with these dramatic thoughts.

It’s a dress rehearsal for losing and you’re rehearsing over and over and over.

YOU get to choose your response to frustrations. YOU get to choose your response to where you are and where you’re going.

Sure, you can continue to choose frustration, fear, drama, complaining and doubt.

Or, you can ask: does this response help me?

Does it move me forward?

How does responding this way make me feel?

Instead of thinking about things, is there something I could be doing?

Is there one small thing I can do right now to move me in the direction of my goals?

Go do that thing.

Do it again.

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