Pregnancy Update // 2nd Trimester #1

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Blog

Holy moly – what an adventure this pregnancy is! If you didn’t read my first trimester recap, check that out first. We are getting so excited to meet our sweet baby girl! She’s definitely growing! We do have a name but haven’t announced it yet. We might wait until she arrives for that. Our close friends and family know, but that’s about it.

While the nausea isn’t quite as extreme as it was a few weeks ago, it’s definitely still there. Though there’s still quite a bit of the 2nd trimester to go, it doesn’t feel easier than the first, just different. Heartburn and trouble sleeping are heightened but excitement is, too.

On the Food Front:

One thing is for sure: I’m eating quite differently in pregnancy than I was eating before. Between the heart burn and the nausea, the only thing that feels tolerable (most of the time) are carbohydrates. I’ve had sandwiches, pasta and lots of fruit.

Some days, I can tolerate chicken, steak or veggies but they never sound appealing.

I’m okay with it. 

This is a unique phase of life and it’s best for me, for my quality of life and for my beautiful baby girl to let go of expectations or ideas of the way it should be.

I’m dealing with what is and choosing to enjoy this unique season of life.

I’m working to be mindful of how much I’m eating without getting too caught up in what I’m eating, with the caveat that I try to get a variety of nutrients each day.

I’m continuing to take digestive enzymes, a multivitamin, omega 3s and probiotics every day.

2nd Trimester Workouts:

As suprised as I am to say this, I’m going back to CrossFit. I miss lifting weights and I miss the community. As I shared in the first trimester recap, I didn’t do much of any exercise in the first 8 weeks and then I started cycling classes. I enjoy them but it’s over $400/month if you want to go 6-7 days per week. Plus, there’s no weight training and not much of a community.

I reached out to the owner of my previous CrossFit box and asked about scaling in pregnancy and she assured they’d work with me. My OBGYN doesn’t want my heart rate to exceed 140 bpm so I bought an Apple Watch to keep an eye on it. Certain movements like burpees & GHDs are already off the table and others will depend entirely on how they feeling: rowing, double unders, etc.

I know the workouts will look different during pregnancy – lower intensity and lots of modifications but I’m totally comfortable doing what is right for me and not feeling like I’m not “keeping up” with everyone else. I’m not there to keep up with anyone. I’m there to take good care of myself and my baby. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m traveling to California for business this week and fully intend to be back in the CrossFit box when I get back. I’m super excited to workout with the boyfriend again. I’ll keep you guys posted as I get back into it.

Body by Baby:

In two words, I’m bigger. Hips are bigger. But is bigger. Face is bigger. Boobs are bigger. Belly is bigger. Clothes are bigger.

That about sums it up.

I just released a podcast today on the perspective I choose about it. I hope you’ll choose to listen!

Emotions & Mindset:

If I asked the boyfriend to summarize my emotions and mindset lately, he’d probably say “unpredictable”. He wouldn’t be wrong.

I’m quick to stress about the house, but I’m also quick to remind myself that I’m doing all I can do and ultimately, it will all be okay. I don’t control the timeframe.

My emotions are heightened. We lost one of our chickens to a bird of prey last week and I definitely reacted more strongly than I would have before pregnancy. I’m more sensitive overall, while also staying really connected to the strong, stable woman I want to be as an example to my sweet girl.

My desire for closeness with my family and he boyfriend’s family is greater than ever. I have an overwhelming desire to bring people together and make sure this baby knows how strong the love is for her on both sides.

My mom’s family has always been really close and that’s what defined so much of my childhood. I want that for my daughter, on both sides.

Preps for Home:

Who am I kidding? My renovation came to a screeching halt due to a contractor who stepped far beyond his bounds. Unfortunately, it unraveled after demo, so we’re still living in a shit show. Every day we try to move forward with a new contractor but it’s a slow process. Every week I tell myself, “This is the week we’ll hire a new contractor and start moving forward!” I’m still believing this is the week. But for now, the downstairs is completely torn to the studs, most of our belongings are in storage and we’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a tiny room upstairs.

I have, however, bought a crib and a dresser and established baby’s registry. The nursery doesn’t depend on the renovations being down, so we’re planning to start working on it at the end of this month.

The Peaks:

  • Seeing our baby girl grow is amazing. My body feels different every day and I choose to remain grateful for her continued growth.
  • The other night, I thought I felt her move for the first time. Maybe it was indigestion, but it was a special moment either way.
  • Beginning to design out her nursery is a blast!
  • Thanks to my coach, I feel really great about the work we’re putting in before baby to make Primal Potential stronger than ever while also allowing me some time and freedom as a new mom.

The Pits:

  • The boyfriend’s parents are out of the country and will likely remain there for a couple more years. I wish they were closer to share this with us. I miss them.
  • I’m not sleeping very much. I fall asleep easily and early, but wake up 5-10 times in the night to use the bathroom, regardless of how much water I drink during the day.
  • Heartburn and nausea are a tough combination when it comes to making food choices.

I’ll keep you guys updated and post again in a couple weeks!

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