Q&A 32: Healthy Choices at Restaurants, Junk Food in the House & More

Oct 10, 2015

On today’s podcast we’re tackling a bunch of different listener questions, including a few on how to make healthy choices at restaurants so you can enjoy social situations and still make progress towards your goals. Plus, we’ll talk about alcohol, plateaus, family members bringing tempting food into the house, smoothies in the morning and much more!

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Questions Discussed in This Q&A Episode:

  1. Healthy choices at restaurants: I’ve got a huge fear that I’m trying not to focus on. My friends are not the reason I over eat or am overweight, but they certainly are not helpful. I’m referring to two guys that I love and consider to be my best friends. They’re certainly not the only ones, but I’m around them the most. It’s actually everywhere I go. Last night I told them a little about your podcast and that I was excited to try this and they were encouraging and thought it was a great idea. They really are a huge positive influence in my life except when it comes to food. As we’re leaving Qdoba they are already discussing going to Buffalo Wild Wings later that night. These guys love to eat just as much as I do and they don’t hold back at all regardless of my goals. “Dude let’s go to Whataburger” at 11 at night all of the time. I love eating with them. It’s super fun. This is a major crutch for me. Any suggestions?
  2. Not liking “diet” food: My next question is this though. I love the idea of not feeling restricted or actually enjoying what I eat that is healthy for me. The problem for me though is that I really don’t care for salads with dressings like light Italian or something on the diet friendly side. If it has ranch on it then I love it haha. So when I go to a place like Whataburger (which I really do love and am currently talking myself out of going there) what would be your suggestion there?
  3. Eggs & cholesterol: I know you love eggs and bacon in the morning and so do I. I have heard and read that eating eggs everybody is not good because of their high cholesterol content. I have also listened to your podcast episode that cholesterol is not the culprit. I read that one should limit eggs to 1 a day or 2 every other day. Do you agree or disagree and why?
  4. Junk in the house: What do you say to someone who lives with someone who is intent on buying highly processed foods and other junk?  When emotional I will go to the most icky foods!  Sure I should reconsider vilifying foods, but I would prefer to not have them in the kitchen.  Should I ask him to move them downstairs?
  5. Good choices when tired at night: I know dinner is my big rock but when I get home at night, I’m so tired and I end up overeating whatever is most convenient. What can I do to make improvements even though I’m tired and hungry at this time of day?
  6. Plateaus: I am down 24 lbs since May but I seem to have plateau’d do you have any suggestions for what to do when fat loss seems to stop? Also how often do you think is acceptable to drink alcohol and still lose weight? I am wondering if that is why I have stopped losing.
  7. Smoothies in the morning: So one of my favorite morning routines has been to make a smoothie: I use unsweetened almond milk, frozen wild blueberries, organic spring mix, flax meal, protein powder and I put a little stevia in. I enjoy this and it keeps me all morning, sets up my day well. But I am reading about limiting carbs to nighttime, and I wonder if the blueberries are a problem in the morning. If so, any ideas what else I can use?


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