Want To Be Happy? Read This First.

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Blog

I have created a lot of suffering in my life. I was unhappy with my weight, I lacked confidence, I felt frustrated and hopeless. I was really afraid that nothing would ever change – that I would never change.

If I hadn’t done the work to change how I think, I wouldn’t have been able to change my life.

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Looking back, I was the source of my own suffering. It was my very own choices that were creating the feelings I hated.

I was unhappy because I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was isolating myself because I was unhappy. ⠀

It was powerful to ask myself, “Why am I unhappy? What choices am I making that create these conditions?“⠀

If I’m being honest, it was tough to swallow my pride and own the fact that I was the source of my own suffering.

By saying yes to temptation, by saying yes to laziness, by saying  yes to fear, I was saying no to happiness.  

If you want to solve a problem, you must first stop participating in it’s creation.

What would it look like if you refused to participate in your own suffering? What would need to change?⠀

Last night I had a video chat with my Primal Potential Masters Club and we were talking about phrases we use to talk ourselves out of hard work or talk ourselves into staying in our comfort zone.

One client shared that she works so hard & is so driven in her career & home life that she just doesn’t have the energy to be motivated & driven with regards to her health.

I suggested a reframe.

Perhaps you don’t have the energy you think you need precisely because you aren’t taking care of yourself. It’s very likely that your focus & motivation in other areas are NOT to blame for your lack of energy and self care.

It’s your lack of self care that is to blame for your lack of energy. And investing in taking great care of yourself would boost your energy, it would create more vitality and happiness – it wouldn’t take from it.

The thinking you used to create the problem cannot help you solve it. You need to think differently.

Guys, change is much more a mindset than it is a skill set. We’re too focused on tactics and not focused enough on mindset.

That’s why next week I’m hosting a free mindset & motivation masterclass. I want to help you create these shifts I’ve been creating in my own life and with my Fat Loss Fast Track & Masters Club clients.

If you know you’ve got to change your mind in order to change your body – if you know you’ve got to think differently to be truly happy, I hope you’ll join me!


I love Wednesday workouts because they’re primarily strength days. Welcome to my wheel house! These are the workouts I enjoy the most.

“Weightlifting Wednesday” 
EMOM 10:
0:00 – 5:00: 3 Pausing Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5:00 – 10:00: 3 Snatch High Pulls
rest 5 minutes 
10 Minutes:
Build to Heavy Power Snatch


“Head to Toe” 
8 GHDs
10 Burpees

The AMRAP was hard as heck – those GHDs sneak up really quick! Here’s an example of what these bad boys are for those of you who aren’t familiar. I had these in a workout last week & my abs were sore for more than 5 days! Love that!

On the food front:

I shared with you guys a couple days ago that I’m playing with Mark Sisson’s Keto Reset concepts to help increase mitochondrial biogenesis, increase fat burning and decrease inflammation.

Don’t miss episode 388 of the podcast for more info on it, but here’s the short version:

  • No more than 50 grams total carbs (this is total, not net)
  • 0.7 grams protein per lb lean body mass (around 110 grams)
  • It is a phase – a cycle – not a permanent restriction or limitation

The 50 grams of carbs today looked like:

My 110 grams of protein looked like:

  • 4 slices of bacon (28 grams)
  • 3 eggs (18 grams)
  • 3 chicken thighs (60 grams)

Today was pretty easy on the food front. I planned to have my salad bowl around noon but I was hungry right after my workout so I ate it early. It absolutely satisfied my hunger until early afternoon when I had some celery and Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo.

I had the Divine chocolate bar just about an hour later because I wanted it.

For dinner I had last night’s leftover chicken thighs with the rest of the chipotle lime mayo.

Will you join me next week for the mindset masterclass? I sure hope so!!

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