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There are no words to express how much I love my Primal Potential Masters Club. One of the posts from yesterday inspired me so much I just have to share it with you.

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I was given permission to share this with you and really, there’s nothing I need to add to it. It’s pretty perfect as it is. Here’s the post from one of my incredible Masters Club members.

It’s Win it Wednesday! I have to share a little story which sparked today’s thoughts. My just three year old has a darling lisp and a bit of an over bite that makes understanding her hard sometimes. She and my 5 year old had a strep throat /stomach flu combo this week. Needless to say they’ve spent some time on the couch watching movies. She started yelling something that I could decipher as “align! Re-align!” I finally figured out she wanted me to rewind a part of the movie she found funny. If I rewound it too far she’d say “not that far, just again!”

This sparked a lot of thoughts and journaling on them. How many times do I start over, or go back too far? Why do I find repeating the work that is important and needs to be repeated to become habit so hard sometimes? Instead of saying “I’ve blew it today I’ll start over later, what can I do right now to align myself with my vision, values and/or goals again? I know I make a lot of extra work for myself physically, mentally and emotionally when I rewind to far and start over instead of pressing on with the next choice.

So I’ve been adding the affirmation “I align, not rewind” to my journal every morning this week. It’s helping form that mindset a little more and stay focused on what real focus should be on. That’s been a big win for me, especially after a less than stellar weekend.

Anyone want to share a favorite way you align yourself back?

Completely amazing, right?

You don’t need to rewind. You just need to align.

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